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What if we could give you exactly what you want, when you want it?

What if we could predict your technology needs before even you know what they are?

What if we could build exceptional, cost-effective solutions every time?

Dell takes a different approach to client computing to give you one of the most robust and relevant portfolio of laptops, desktops and workstations:

• We listen to end users to understand what products they really want

• We find cost-effective ways of delivering a superior experience

We don’t just deliver great products; we deliver meaningful solutions that truly meet your customers’ needs.

The Right Options

From laptops and desktops to the world’s best-selling workstations1 , Dell offers a range of client computing
options to meet the needs of any business, big or small. with advancements in security, efficiency, manageability and reliability, Dell can offer your customers the forward-thinking technologies they need for today and tomorrow.


Workstations For Demanding Applications
Precision Workstations:

Designed for specialist services, analysts, engineers, and power users who need extreme performance. featuring almost limitless scalability and workstation
–class ISV certifications assuring ultimate reliability.

2 Designed For Network Business
Latitude laptops:
advanced security, battery
life durability, connectivity
and remote administration.
Optiplex desktops:
Designed specifically for
established network
environments, featuring easy
management and advanced
security that’s backed by
corporate-class support.
Built For Small Business
Vostro laptops and desktops:
Created specifically with the right features to suit
small business. High quality, reliable, and worry-free.
4 The Ultimate Gaming Experience
alienware laptops and desktops:

gaming supremacy, powerful graphics processor,
unsurpassed performance. this product is also perfect
for creative professionals because of the highest
possible functionality, image quality and power
5 Head Turning StYLE, High End Performance:
xPS laptops and desktops:
first class entertainment
and multimedia capabilities.
very sleek, attractive design,
and worry-free multitasking.
attractive buy for any
vostro/Studio user with a
little extra spending power.
Balanced Style And Performance
Studio Laptops:

personalised designs, highly
customizable with rich
multimedia capability